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Hello everyone! I bet we all hate it when we can’t figure out what to prepare for lunch, either for guests or family. Making lunch doesn’t always have to involve so much thinking when you have guests or family around and you need to prepare something tasty for everyone. There are various quick and easy […]

Hello everyone! Often, cakes don’t turn out how you many expect even when they believe they did everything right. This could be as a result of something as seemingly little, as the temperature of your baking contents. It is easily overlooked but the temperature of your cake contents when you mix them to make your […]

Hello Everyone! Today is about a healthy and delicious pasta recipe, for all those who would love to satisfy their pasta cravings without feeling guilty. I understand that so many people associate the word healthy with bitter when it comes to food, well, we have some good news for you… Healthy can be delicious too, […]

Hello everyone! Chocolate chip cookies are undeniably delicious and are also one of the easiest to bake. If you’ve been searching for a simple recipe for chocolate chip cookies, then we put this together just for you. Everything you need for a delicious, homemade; chocolate chip cookie. INGREDIENTS 1 egg ¾ cup granulated sugar ¾ […]

Bimbo had spent all week planning for a special lunch date he had with the woman of his dreams, Ayo. He was going to ‘pop the question’! The big day had finally come and because it was a work day, he called in sick that morning. He went to a supermarket to buy all he […]

Hello everyone! Everybody loves cakes!!! That’s something we hear often or see virtually everywhere. This love for cakes has led to many of us trying to bake either at home with family or out with friends. After trying out various recipes, from simple to complex, baking day and night; hoping practice would make perfect, a […]

Hello everyone! We all know cakes are one of the most important items of interest at any celebration but have you ever wondered why most special occasions need cakes to be complete? Do you ever wonder what could possibly replace cakes at occasions? Wouldn’t you love to know why cakes are so special and why […]

Have you ever seen a cake so dreamy with delicious chocolatey goodness carefully streaming down its layers? ( No Apologies, I’m obsessed with Super moist Chocolate cakes) Have you ever sat to consider all the work, dedication and time the cake passed through before it became this masterpiece that can be exchanged for good money? […]

Supermart.ng is Nigeria’s largest online supermarket and same-day grocery delivery service. They are building the best way for people to shop for groceries and everyday essentials. Using your Phone or PC, you can order for groceries and everyday essentials online and have them delivered to your office or home is in as early as 3 hours across […]

Baking is more technical than a lot of people realize, and this is why we will be discussing 10 common errors in baking cakes and their effects. Whether you are someone who has a bit of baking experience, or you are just starting out, you should try your best to avoid these errors. They are […]