Welcome back, here is My Experience with Cake Delivery in Lagos, Nigeria 2 ! Source: http://blog.bakingit.com Just before a much needed spa treatment, I contacted the cake shop in Lagos. A really nice lady picked up the phone, took my order and my home address. They had excellent customer service, A HUGE PLUS FOR SURE! I had […]

I decided to relay my experience with cake delivery in Lagos, Nigeria. It is one I won’t forget for a long time to come. It is one I have recounted to friends and family a number of times and I decided to share. Here goes. Source: toonpool.com (PART 1) It was a sunny Friday in […]

Ice cream cakes are AMAZING so we are discussing how to make an ice cream cake for birthday parties! It is cake and ice cream in one; what’s not to love? They can be made ahead of time and as simple or as fancy as you please. Ingredients can be made from scratch or bought […]

Cakes are perfect for desserts, parties, celebrations and basically any other event. These days, you can give cakes pretty much any flavour you like and shape them the way you please. There is a perfect cake flavour out there for any occasion and any craving. But, the truth is not all flavours work well together. […]

This is one for the parents to put a smile on their little girls’ faces, therefore, we are are discussing 5 creative ways to serve birthday cakes for girls. Parents want the very best for their kids, and one thing they feel very strongly about is an amazing birthday party. They want it big, fun […]

Kicking off our WaraCake series to help the amateur baker in the city of Lagos (and Nigeria at large), we are opting for a simple red velvet cake recipe. Red velvet cakes are a delicious alternative to chocolate cakes. Plus, they don’t dry out easily. They stay moist and yummy for the most part and […]

Let’s be honest, planning a wedding is a lot of work. It might start off as exciting and fun, but over time, in most cases, it ends up stressful. Especially if proper planning has not been done and arrangements have not been made. Worst! In the process, it seems like a lot to handle as […]

As weird as it may seem, engagement rings say a lot about the bride, as it reflects their personal style and preferences. It’s all in the cut, the size and the shape. So, if you plan to propose in the nearest future, YOU MUST GET IT RIGHT! No pressure though. It’s not like these things […]

An important part of any wedding reception is the cake! Most couples put in work to ensure its beauty and great taste, as there is really no point having a wedding cake that tastes horrible and looks bad. Nobody wants that. Guaranteeing its beauty and uniqueness involves selecting the perfect decorative features and elements. Today, […]

  Wedding bouquets and flowers are an important part of the ceremony and it is very essential to find the ones that you love for your special day. They will most likely be one of the most photographed items on your big day and you should pick the one that truly showcases your personal style. […]