Wedding bouquets and flowers are an important part of the ceremony and it is very essential to find the ones that you love for your special day. They will most likely be one of the most photographed items on your big day and you should pick the one that truly showcases your personal style. […]

As we all know, cakes should not only taste delicious but also be beautiful to look at, and a lot of people always look forward to the end of a wedding reception simply because of this. Yum! Every part of a wedding showcases the taste and style of the couple; from the decor, to outfits […]

When you get invited to a wedding, it is common practice to gift the couple with something special for their big day. Depending on your personal relationship with the bride and groom, you want to amaze them with a unique wedding gift they will definitely appreciate and remember for a very long time to come […]

As you know, we absolutely LOVE cake. Honestly, chocolate cake is one of the best inventions on planet earth; rich, moist and absolutely amazing. It is also surprisingly easy to make. EXCITED? Is it your birthday soon or that of a loved one? Do you want to surprise the family with some homemade goodness? Then […]

It’s Wedding Season!!! Are you planning a bachelorette party for a loved one? Do you have absolutely no idea what you need or where to start from? That’s why you have us! Bachelorette parties should reflect the interests of the bride as they’re fun, exciting and everyone looks forward to them. It’s a lot of […]

The kitchen, as they say, is the heart of the home; as it is where we make one of the most vital things in the universe – FOOD! It is therefore essential to take very good care of the kitchen and its components. This is why we are talking ‘kitchen utensils’ – care, preservation, maintenance […]

Have you ever wanted to try baking cakes but you’ve been scared off by the possibility of getting it all wrong or maybe just destroying your kitchen? Ever tried and failed countless times? Don’t lose hope! We’re here to bring you easy-to-master techniques that produce impressive results and can be used in a variety of […]

Marriage is a beautiful thing and it takes a lot of energy, dedication and commitment to plan the perfect wedding – (also a ton of money and all your energy, but let’s not get into that). Today, we are talking WEDDING INVITES!!! Source – One of the strategies to make your special day stand […]

Planning an event can be a pain in the neck, because there is always a lot to worry about. Although many people, especially we Nigerians love to plan occasions ourselves. You don’t only get that satisfactory feeling because you have done a great job putting things in order, but also it is a lot more […]

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