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Have you ever seen a cake so dreamy with delicious chocolatey goodness carefully streaming down its layers? ( No Apologies, I’m obsessed with Super moist Chocolate cakes) Have you ever sat to consider all the work, dedication and time the cake passed through before it became this masterpiece that can be exchanged for good money? […] is Nigeria’s largest online supermarket and same-day grocery delivery service. They are building the best way for people to shop for groceries and everyday essentials. Using your Phone or PC, you can order for groceries and everyday essentials online and have them delivered to your office or home is in as early as 3 hours across […]

Baking is more technical than a lot of people realize, and this is why we will be discussing 10 common errors in baking cakes and their effects. Whether you are someone who has a bit of baking experience, or you are just starting out, you should try your best to avoid these errors. They are […]

Christmas is our favourite time of the year, which is we are sharing our moist and easy Christmas fruit cake recipe. There is love in the air, gifts to share and most importantly – food! One of which is the traditional fruit cake. It is filled with nuts, fruits, laced with alcohol and very moist! […]

Because we love cakes so much, we are bringing you 13 FUN AND AMAZING FACTS ABOUT CAKES YOU NEVER KNEW!  A little bit of history and statistics that we are certain will amuse cake lovers. The internet is full of amazing facts and we have done a little bit of research just for you! Enjoy! […]

It is about time we ended the vanilla vs chocolate cake flavour battle. Therefore, we are bringing to you what makes each flavour special, unique and tasty.  We dig into what makes individual flavours unique and loved by the masses. It is said that there is a cake for every occasion. Cakes have a variety […]

Welcome back, here is My Experience with Cake Delivery in Lagos, Nigeria 2 ! Source: Just before a much needed spa treatment, I contacted the cake shop in Lagos. A really nice lady picked up the phone, took my order and my home address. They had excellent customer service, A HUGE PLUS FOR SURE! I had […]

I decided to relay my experience with cake delivery in Lagos, Nigeria. It is one I won’t forget for a long time to come. It is one I have recounted to friends and family a number of times and I decided to share. Here goes. Source: (PART 1) It was a sunny Friday in […]

Ice cream cakes are AMAZING so we are discussing how to make an ice cream cake for birthday parties! It is cake and ice cream in one; what’s not to love? They can be made ahead of time and as simple or as fancy as you please. Ingredients can be made from scratch or bought […]

Cakes are perfect for desserts, parties, celebrations and basically any other event. These days, you can give cakes pretty much any flavour you like and shape them the way you please. There is a perfect cake flavour out there for any occasion and any craving. But, the truth is not all flavours work well together. […]