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17 beautiful cake messages from WaraCake to inspire you

beautiful cake messages

Cakes are one of the best ways to deeply express how we feel about our loved ones. Our family and friends deserve, we send them the cutest cakes carrying the nicest designs on their special day. Each time you listen to a WaraCake’s customer over the phone, they always come up with lovely, innovative and the […]

9 Romantic Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Your Love

wedding anniversary gift ideas

A wedding anniversary simply means that, as a couple, you both have sailed through life’s stormy waters. No matter what year you are celebrating, it is a day worth sharing gifts or spending an awesome time together. If you are having trouble choosing the right anniversary gift for your spouse, here are 9 wedding anniversary […]

35 attractive wedding cakes pictures for your big day

Weddings are one of the most important days in our lives and we are all very emotional when making decisions on what to wear, buy, eat and serve our guests on this special day. Choosing a wedding cake is a chore on its own, especially when you don’t have a wedding planner to take care […]

Send free awesome birthday cards to your friends on Facebook

free birthday cards for facebook

For the past few months, I have noticed I receive notifications from Facebook almost every day, telling me to send wishes to my friends on their birthday. Sometimes, I have as much as 6 friends, celebrating their birthdays’ on the same day. Picture this; if you had 3 friends celebrating their birthdays’ every day, that […]

7 Amazing birthday cakes to order online at a ridiculous price

birthday cakes - waracake

Birthdays are occasions we all appreciate around the world, especially here in Nigeria. For most of us, it is a must we celebrate this special day. Birthdays as you can tell are synonymous to “cakes”. There is this big smile when a loved one from miles away sends us a cake to celebrate the big […]

Birthday Cake Messages

birthday cake messages

Unique Birthday Greetings Okay, so you want to get a birthday cake for that special person ? We think the usual Happy Birthday {inserts celebrant’s name} is old school & should be dead and gone already. We did some research and we were able to come up with some unique birthday message greetings which are […]

Four Ways to Make Money with cake

cake baking

Have you been brainstorming on what to put some money into or what line of business you’d wanna try out next? The Food and Bakery industry could be your best big break. In this post, we’d highlight some ways you can make money establishing a business affiliated with cakes. 1. Supplying Materials: Cake baking is […]