2019 has been quite an eventful year, from weddings to funerals to birthday celebrations and victory jubilations. We have seen different happy moments and people have celebrated their events with so many things, cake Inclusive. Bakers have been able to experiment and try out new and existing design concepts for customers and some have turned out great, others have turned out Okay.

People celebrated with cakes and we saw creamy fondant became a norm in 2019. Two-tier, three-tier became popular and different shapes of cakes came into play. As a cake baker and designer, here are some of the cakes that stood out for us in 2019. We will see more of these designs in the first quarter of 2020. Some baked by us, others from popular events and social gatherings.

  • The Chocolate Goodness Cake 🙂
This beautiful Chocolate cake topped the 2019 popular cake designs. Made with extra toppings and so many goodies. This cake design will still be popular in 2020, you can bet on that. Image Source: @bakeshopofficial
  • The 4-tier Extra
This cake, mostly used for weddings is a wonderful work of art that has found its way to people’s heart in 2019. This cake has 4 tiers and each tier is a mixture of vanilla and Strawberry.
Image Source: Instagram
  • The Magical Steps Cake 😮
This cake design is a wonder. A 2-tier cake with a twist, this cake is beautifully made and has its design rooted in castle-like concepts.
Image Source: Instagram
  • The Extravaganza 😉
This multiple tier cake became a wedding cake delight for weddings and large celebrations. The cake can have multiple toppings and extras for decorations. With this, you can be sure of a lot to go round lol.
  • The Birthday Delight 😀
When you talk about weddings, small wins and social get-togethers, this cake was a go-to for many buyers in 2019. Made with unique toppings and flavors, we are definitely going to see more of this cake in 2020.
Image Source: waracake
  • Flaky Fiesta 🙂
The Flaky Fiesta is a combination of cookies, waffles, and other types of biscuits made into a cake with a different flavor base. These cakes are crunchy and a way to stand out from the norm. This cake design was popular in 2019 and will definitely get more interesting in 2020.
Image source: Instagram
  • The 3-tier Norm 😀
Well, this doesn’t need much explaining. We are all familiar with this 3-tier cakes and we will definitely be seeing more of it in 2020.
Image Source: Instagram

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