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Here is what Cake Bakers doesn’t like to hear from their customers.

There needs to be a great relationship between bakers and their clients. As bakers, making our customers happy is our top priority because if they are happy, we are happy and that means more money and patronage. Because we understand the importance of repeat customers, we are ready to move heaven and earth to get you the cake that you want. In this business just like every other business, customers are not the same.

Some are nicer than others, some are more tolerant than others. Some customers will make the order to delivery process easy while others will be benevolent enough to transfer aggression or comment rude remarks about the business. All these and many more are some of the problems business owners face. This article is to tell you what causes conflict between buyers and sellers and how we can best work together. As a baker, here are some things a baker doesn’t want to hear from customers. Hearing these things will not only cause conflict but it can always create misunderstanding between buyers and sellers.

  1. I am no longer Interested: This is definitely top of the list because this puts into consideration the sweat, ingredients, time and effort put into the cake baking process. Telling your cake baker after 1 week of agreement that you are no longer interested and will not be pursuing the order is heart breaking. This is why most cake bakers use payment t validate order. Afterall, time is money and time wasted cannot be regained.
  2. I changed my mind: You can change your mind as many times as you want before giving the go-ahead. Telling us you are no longer interested in a particular cake type after we have gotten all ingredients and almost finished baking not only drives us crazy but it kills the mood too. Cake designs are creative ways to express and giving room for doubt and uncertainty slows us down and stresses us out.
  3. Your price is too expensive: We understand that you have a budget and we always encourage our customer to state their budget so that we can work within their budget. But when you tell us you want a vanilla & strawberry cheesecake with fruit toppings and extra icing for N3,000. It undermines our expertise and breaks our heart. Cake ingredients, designs and flavors are not the same and suggesting that our price for exquisite designs is unfair and unjust.

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