How to Order Cakes Online

It is time for a celebration, and you are looking to get a celebratory cake. You don’t know how to order cakes online but you know that it is the best bet and everyone does it. You are right, everybody does it and you can definitely order cakes online and get delivery at your doorstep. You can also order for cakes from cake vendors in other states as long as they can assure of safety and optimum delivery of the cake. One common option that people use is to find cake vendors in your area and order for doorstep delivery.

If you do a google search, you are sure to get lots of cake vendor options, but how do you know which vendor is good and which one is the next Amaka to disappoint you. The last thing you want is someone messing up your big day by failing to deliver cakes on time.

Be it wedding cakes, birthday cakes, congratulatory cakes and so much more, you are sure to get the best options if you do your search thoroughly. There are some things to consider before placing your order for cakes online.

We call it the “WHW Question”

What: Now this is very important, there are lots of cake vendors but you need to know WHAT type of cake you are looking for? What ingredients do you want the cake to contain? Some prefer Sugar free cakes, cakes with less cream etc. Different vendors have different areas of expertise, so you need to know what type of cake you need. You also need to think about what flavor you will like your cake to be.

The Vanilla cake flavor is exquisite and quite common for celebratory cakes. Strawberry cakes are a girl’s favourite. No girl says no strawberry. Red Velvet is one of the commonest types of cake flavor in vogue. It is red and tastes like heaven, trust me. You need to think about this before placing your cake order online. If you don’t have any idea which one you will like, our team at waracake can help you out with that not to worry.

How: How do you want your cake to look like? Consider designs, toppings, colours and other details you need to have on your cake.

A Two-step cake is commonly used for small celebrations, it is not quite common but it can replace a base cake where there are few mouths to feed. Three-step cakes are common for wedding introductions and dinner get-togethers. Multiple steps cakes are for large celebrations like wedding ceremonies and birthday parties. Also, think about the shape, do you want Round? Square? Love-shaped? What kind of cake do you imagine? If you are confused and don’t know what to choose, again, our waracake team can help you make a decision according to the purpose of the cake.

When: When do you want your cake delivered? This is very important because we wouldn’t want to miss your big day. You need to plan ahead. However, if it is the case of a last-minute decision, don’t worry, our team at waracake can help you with whatever you need.

Once you have all these questions answered, it is time to look for cake vendors who can help make your dream come true. Apart from doing a google search for cake vendors, you can visit popular sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Be warned though, there are lots of cakes on these different platforms so it is easy to get overwhelmed with choices. But, if you have answered the WHW question, you will be able to navigate your way to the right vendor page or you could just visit to get everything sorted for you in no time.

Some vendors do a part payment before delivery while most do full payment before delivery to incite commitment and avoid last-minute change of plans. It also helps to save stress and time because baking a cake is a lot of work and it will be totally unfair to the vendor for a customer to change his/her at the last minute. At Waracake, payment validates your order and you can get it delivered to you in less 48hrs.

Also, because baking requires time and dedication, you should consider ordering your cake weeks before the D-day. If you want to order a wedding cake online, you should consider placing your order months before your wedding to avoid rush work leading to less customer satisfaction.

Always confirm the details of your cake (picture, ingredients, colour, flavor) before making payment. This is important to avoid any mix-up during delivery and for proper accountability.

If you made it to the end of this page, I am sure you will by now know how to order cakes online. It is important to be decisive and be thorough. There are so many cake vendors online and you need to be decisive and not allow anyone force their designs on you. What is the fun in eating cake and not enjoying it.

Lastly, do not afraid to leave reviews, customer reviews are a guide to a buyer’s journey and you have to let people know how good or how bad it was. Now get started on it and have fun. You can visit waracake website or our Instagram page for more details on how to order cakes online.

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