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Everybody loves cakes!!! That’s something we hear often or see virtually everywhere. This love for cakes has led to many of us trying to bake either at home with family or out with friends.

After trying out various recipes, from simple to complex, baking day and night; hoping practice would make perfect, a lot of people haven’t been able to bake the flawless cakes they crave.

Are you wondering what professionals do differently? These simple tips are the answer.

  • FOLLOW THE RECIPE Before even the first step of any cake baking process, bear in mind that whatever recipe you choose should be followed. Leaving out even the simplest step may lead to a complete alteration of the recipe. It’s no wonder some cakes don’t come out as fluffy or as delicious as planned. Every step plays a significant role and shouldn’t be skipped or ignored.
  • MEASURE THE FLOUR PROPERLY Measuring your flour is one of the easiest steps in baking. Many make the mistake of not levelling a heaped cup of flour with a knife before pouring into a bowl. This step helps you get the accurate amount of flour for the recipe. You need this to keep the flour from being compacted.
  • USE WARM EGGS Everyone knows bringing butter to room temperature is important but this is just as important for eggs in order for the cake mixture to emulsify properly. To achieve this, you can place eggs in a bowl of warm water for 10 to 15 minutes before adding to mix.
  • BUTTER THE PANS AND COVER WITH FLOUR It is essential to butter the pans before pouring in your mixture and this can be done using a pastry brush then cover the butter with flour afterwards. A tablespoon of soft butter and a little flour would do the trick and give your cake the right outlook.
  • ROTATE THE PAN DURING BAKING It is important for you to rotate the pan in the oven while the cake bakes but wait until the cake is set to avoid the collapse. This tip ensures even baking. You can also swap pans if you’re using more than one rack.

There are some other common errors people make when baking, visit this post on 10 common errors in baking for more details. Baking flawless cakes becomes easy when you use these tips and of course, ordering flawless cakes on https://waracake.com is a quick way to get that flawless cakes you desire. Click here to order the cake below.

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