cake in oven

Baking is more technical than a lot of people realize, and this is why we will be discussing 10 common errors in baking cakes and their effects. Whether you are someone who has a bit of baking experience, or you are just starting out, you should try your best to avoid these errors.

They are common problems that can keep reoccurring especially if you are not aware of them. These mistakes can alter the final outcome of your cake. The errors can be the reason why your cakes are burnt, under cooked, flat or have an odd texture. So, you really want to take them seriously!

cake in oven

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Take these tips into consideration and we assure you will have an amazing cake for whatever the occasion might be. Here are common errors in baking –

  1. Choosing the wrong pan

It is important to note the type of pan that the cake recipe calls for. Deviating too far from the shape or size specified can alter the results. It is best to stick with the plan.

  1. Not greasing or flouring the pan

If your cake batter is sticky, or you are not making use of a non-stick pan or parchment paper, it is best that you do not skip this step. This ensures that your cakes come off smoothly after baking.

  1. Not mixing batter well or over mixing it

Yes, both can alter the results of your baked goods. Excessive mixing of cake batter can toughen the cake, while not mixing properly will lead to clumps in the cake and can cause it to crumble.

  1. Baking at the wrong temperature

An oven thermometer is an important asset in baking. This helps you keep track of how high or low the temperature is, to ensure that cake bakes properly and evenly.

  1. Frequently opening oven door

As an amateur baker, you might be tempted to check on your cake every five minutes or so. Resist the urge to open oven doors before the stipulated cook time as this will alter the results; heat escapes from the oven and extends the cook time.

  1. Not measuring ingredients

It is very important to follow the recipe as it is in the cookbook. All ingredients used should be measured accordingly. Baking is a science, and the impact of not following the basic rules shows in the final outcome.

  1. Using cold ingredients

The temperature of the ingredients matter. Unless it is specified in the recipe, it is better to keep all ingredients at room temperature. Ensure you take things like butter and eggs out of the fridge and leave them out to cool before you begin.

  1. Substituting ingredients

It is necessary to understand the science behind the use of each ingredient. Some of them just cannot be substituted. Try your best to use ingredients as specified and do your research before substituting, so you are satisfied with the final outcome.

  1. Not preheating oven

This is a step some might deem unnecessary, but this can cause problems with the texture, colour and rise of the cake. Always preheat oven to specified temperature to avoid unwanted surprises. Also ensure you bake in the centre of your oven and rotate the baking tins midway through.

  1. Using poor quality or expired ingredients

Never ignore the expiry dates of wet and dry ingredients. If you are going to use fruits, make sure they are ripe, tasty and in season. Fresh ingredients make a remarkable difference in the end. Always opt for the best when shopping.

Good luck!

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