My Experience with Cake Delivery in Lagos, Nigeria


I decided to relay my experience with cake delivery in Lagos, Nigeria. It is one I won’t forget for a long time to come. It is one I have recounted to friends and family a number of times and I decided to share. Here goes.



(PART 1)

It was a sunny Friday in the busy city of Lagos and I had finally gotten off work for the week. This was a weekend I had been looking forward to, as I planned to spoil myself silly. The kids and my husband had taken off to Abeokuta earlier that day to visit my parents and they had no plans of returning till Sunday evening. Whoop!!

I basically had the house to myself all weekend and I planned to make the best use of it as I had some money to spend on my guilty pleasures and an all-round pampering session. I deserved it after the week I had had. No kids, no work, peace and quiet!

Despite my recent fitfam lifestyle, the first thing that came to mind was CAKE! I absolutely love cakes and I planned to stuff myself with ten inches and three layers of the yummy goodness. It is difficult to explain where my undying love for cakes comes from, but they are all I have been thinking about for the past week and I wanted them as soon as possible.

I had come across an online ad by a company a while ago and I decided to try it out for a change. They offered delivery services to the nooks and crannies of Lagos state, a complimentary gift card for first time buyers, a wide variety of flavour combinations and so much more. I was hooked.

I decided to opt for the cake delivery option rather than picking it up, as it afforded me more time to spend at the spa before heading home to enjoy dinner, wine and lots and lots of cake. BAD IDEA.

Stay tuned to the blog to find out how this turned out.

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