25 Affordable Event Planning Companies In Nigeria Everyone Should Know

event planning companies

Planning an event can be a pain in the neck, because there is always a lot to worry about. Although many people, especially we Nigerians love to plan occasions ourselves.

You don’t only get that satisfactory feeling because you have done a great job putting things in order, but also it is a lot more cheaper way to get your events done. Are you planning your wedding soon?, check out our guide to planning a wedding.

What if you are like most Lagosians, who leaves for work at 5am and come back home at 10pm due to the heavy traffic situation in Lagos. I bet planning your event would be the thing on your mind. I would advise you get an event planner because you might end up messing things up on your own. An event planner would help you put things in perfect order.

Event planners are everywhere, but getting a good and an affordable one would involve you do a lot of research or better still a referral. To save you all the stress, here are a few event organizers you can choose to start your research on:


  1. AAA Event

Email: aaaeventsanddesign@yahoo.com

Phone Number: 08056236435

Instagram: @aaaevent


  1. Typearls Event

Email: typearlsevents@gmail.com

Phone Number: 08038454123

Instagram: @typearlsevent


  1. The Event Girl

Email: theeventgirlng@gmail.com

Instagram: @theeventgirlng


  1. The Grand Soiree

Email: thegrandsoireeltd@gmail.com

Phone Number: 08187773483

Instagram: @thegrandsoiree


  1. Enchanted Events

Email: ugo@enchantedeventsng.com

Phone Number: 08139905180

Instagram: @enchantedeventsng


  1. Gee Works and Décor

Email: geeworksndecor@gmail.com

Phone Number: 08037265912

Instagram: @geeworksanddecor


  1. Prive Luxury Events

Email: info@priveluxuryevents.com

Phone Number: 07064378445

Instagram: @priveluxuryevents


  1. Zillah Events

Email: zillahevents@gmail.com

Phone Number: 08172924587

Instagram: @zillah_events


  1. Sculptors Events

Email: sculptorsevents@gmail.com

Phone Number: 08184856158

Instagram: @sculptorevents


  1. Alveena Events

Email: alveenaevents@aol.com

Phone Number: 08069508160

Instagram: @alveenaevents


  1. Celeste Events

Email: celesteevents@yahoo.com

Phone Number: 08087943729

Instagram: @celesteevents


  1. Royal Worth Events

Email: royalwortheventplanners@yahoo.com

Phone Number: 08064688959

Instagram: @royal_worth_events_planners


  1. Ice Royal Event


Phone Number: 08024300000

Instagram: @iceroyalevent


  1. Xquisit Event Managers


Phone Number: 08033635253

Instagram: @xquisitushers


  1. Fresh Event Managers

Email: freshhostess25@gmail.com

Phone Number: 09086319021

Instagram: @freshhostess


  1. Dezua Events

Email: dezuaevents@gmail.com

Phone Number: 08035527072

Instagram: @dezuaevents


  1. Fine Things Event

Email: olie_ug@yahoo.com

Phone Number: 08034925535

Instagram: @finethingsevent


  1. No Surprises Events

Email: surpriseme@nosurprisesevents.com

Phone Number: 08061139049

Instagram: @nosurprisesevents


  1. Nwandos Signature


Phone Number: 08152770214

Instagram: @nwandossignatureevents


  1. 360 Eventee

Email: ask@360eventee.com

Phone Number: 08082441532

Instagram: @360eventee


  1. OmuObilor Luxury Event

Email: info@omuobilor.com

Phone Number: 08059044387

Instagram: @theofficial_omuobilor


  1. Charissa’s Event

Email: toluwaoyefeso@gmail.com

Phone Number: 08135021068

Instagram: @charissaevent


  1. Coral Event Planning and Decorations

Email: houseofcoral1@outlook.com

Phone Number: 08131214013


  1. Joy Links Event Managers

Email: joyetaebiogwu@yahoo.com

Phone Number: 08055246505


  1. Griffith Forbes Events Management

Email: info_griffithforbes@yahoo.com

Phone Number: 08035280717


If you have an Event planning company that you wish to be listed here, please do comment with the name of your company in the comment section and we would do our research and see if you have what it takes to get on the list.

You can share with your friends that owns an event management company.


Disclaimer: Please note that this post is just a recommendation and WaraCake is not directly associated with any of the listed planners. Be sure to do your due diligence when dealing with any of these event planners, we would not be held liable for any bad outcome.

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