11 Exciting Ways And Places To Celebrate Your Birthday

best ways to celebrate birthdays

Birthdays are a once in a year kind of thing so it is a big deal. We think about our birthdays from at least a week, or months before. We dream about the cakes, ice creams, and gifts that comes along with the special day. As adults, you want to plan ahead and try to make the day fun and exciting. You tell your friends you are not sure you will throw a big party but we both know you want it to be as memorable as possible, So, here are a few ideas for you. Amazing ways to celebrate your birthdays:

  • Send Money Your Parents

Your parents made the day possible, you can choose to celebrate your birthday by sending them money – yes MONEY, gifts, flowers, or a card, which says how much you love them and how happy you are they brought you to this world.

  • Give To Charity

I learnt this from a girl in my school, she wouldn’t spend money on drinks, partying or clubbing, but with homeless and poor people. She would always find the time on that day to visit a homeless center around her neighborhood. There is a different kind of joy that comes with being a blessing to those around you.

  • Splurge On Yourself

Yessss!! Splurge! Splurge!! Splurge!!!. I love this way because I can decide to buy anything for myself. Which means everything I want, and have been saving for, would be mine on my birthday. To get the best of your day, you can choose to go on a shopping spree or get a massage. This depends on how you intend pampering yourself.

  • Indoor Game Challenge

Call all your friends for a house party and play a game. Anyone that lose the game drinks a shot of vodka or whiskey. You can decide to do this over different form of games, this depends mostly on the games you and your friends like to play. For example, you can choose to play FIFA 17 and take 5 minutes round for everyone to play and who ever lose drinks. I assure you, you would have crazy fun.

  • Get On A Train

For those of you who have easy access to good trains in Nigeria, why not get on the train and take a good tour of Nigeria. You would get to see your country in a new way.

  • Visit A Studio

I like to call this one, light, camera, action. Feel like a celebrity to celebrate your birthday in style. Visit a studio, get a camera man and pose for lovely pictures.

  • Take A Boat Cruise

There are lovely places to take boat cruises on the island at an affordable cost. You can call some of your friends to join you on a boat cruise or you can decide to cruise on your own. If you choose to cruise alone, you can choose a speedboat and you drive yourself.

  • Try Paintballing

Paintballing is a good way to strengthen the bond between you and your friends. What’s a better day to strengthen the bond if not on your birthday?. But take note, you would need to plan ahead for this. Here are few spots to try paintballing in Nigeria Hardcore entertainment Inc, Empire Sport Limited, and Xtreme Sports.

  • Donate Blood to people in Need

I think everyone should try doing this at one point or another in his or her life. You don’t know who you might be saving his life. We shouldn’t choose to give blood only on a special day like our birthdays’, but also can be done occasionally. When you choose to give blood on your birthday, there’s this kind of peace within you.

  • Have A Picnic

By having a picnic, am not saying cooking some varieties of food and inviting your friends to come eat at Elegushi beach. By having a picnic, I meant inviting just a few friends and visit a cool garden to hangout with mats and boxes of food.

  • Try Karaoke

Have you ever tried Karaoke?, I adore Karaoke because i can get to hear myself on the mic singing the songs I love. To celebrate your birthday, you can hang out with some of your friends at a Karaoke bar and sing the song you all love to sing together.

Places to Host a birthday party in Lagos

  • Shiro Restaurant & Bar

If you are looking for a quiet, expensive, sophisticated spot in Lagos. Shiro bar is your spot. Great ambience, good food, great music all at Shiro Bar. You can find Shiro Bar at Oniru Estate in Victoria Island.

  • Casper & Gambini

This place is one of the top shot birthday hosting venues in Lagos. You can choose to ball on a budget with your friends and get the value for your money at Casper & Gambini’s. You can visit Casper & Gambini at Ikeja City mall or at Alibert Building in VI

  • Hardrock Cafe

This bubbly spot in Lagos is not hard to notice. It is the home of enjoyment in the upper side of Lagos Island. You can enjoy a sweet karaoke evening with you and your friends, have a nice get-together or even host dinners and parties. Hardrock Café is also at Oniru Estate in VI

  • Lekki Conservation Centre

Picnic areas are available at LCC. You can choose to explore the canopy walk or host a picnic for you and your friends. This Nature Conservation centre can be at Lekki Peninsula II

  • Bottles Restaurant

If you are balling on a budget, Wednesdays are bottles day of the fiesta. You and your friends can make use of the discount available to order for a full bucket of chicken and get one more. Mexican, Italian, and Chinese are options available at bottles. You can also enjoy their cocktails at affordable prices. Visit the restaurant at Imam Agusto Close in V.I

  • Clubs

Quilox, 57, Cubana and Rumours are one of the top clubs in Lagos. Clubs are a good destination for birthday parties if you are looking to splurge and go all out. It is best enjoyed from late nights till daybreak.

  Celebrating your birthday can be done alone or with friends. It depends on what you choose to do. If you are considering places to host a birthday party in lagos, you can think of places like Bottles, Hardrock Cafe, Terrakulture, Casper & Gambini’s among other places. Remember, whatever you choose in celebrating, make sure you to have fun all the way.

Are there other cool ways you have celebrated your birthdays or would like to try, let us hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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