Send free awesome birthday cards to your friends on Facebook

free birthday cards for facebook

For the past few months, I have noticed I receive notifications from Facebook almost every day, telling me to send wishes to my friends on their birthday.

Sometimes, I have as much as 6 friends, celebrating their birthdays’ on the same day. Picture this; if you had 3 friends celebrating their birthdays’ every day, that means by the end of one week, you would need to wish 21 friends “happy birthday” and 84 friends the same in one month.

So this brought out the creative juice in me. What other ways can one send wishes to a loved one on Facebook rather than sending “happy birthday bro” or “happy birthday dear” to every single person we have to wish happy birthday on Facebook and then i found out about sending free birthday card to your friends on Facebook.

Here are 7 simple steps to send a free birthday card to your buddy on Facebook:


Step 1:
Type “birthday cards” to the facebook search box

send free birthday cards-step 1


Step 2:
Click on the first app “birthday cards”

Choose the app named “Birthday cards” which has 100,000+ monthly users

send free birthday card-step 2


Step 3:
Click on calendar in the listed section

send free birthday cards-step 3 redo


Step 4:
Click on the friend you want to send a card

You would need to choose the friend you want to send a birthday card to from your calendar. In this example i chose to send a birthday card to my friend “Harzeezart”

birthday cards for free on facebook


Step 5:

Click on “Send a birthday card”

birthday free cards fb step 5



Step 6:

Choose a card and click “send this card”

There are different types of cards to choose from here, which is not limited to birthday wishes alone, for example, you can choose to send a “Get well soon” card or a “Romantic card”. After you have seen the card you want, click on “Send this Card”

Send free cards on birthdays-step 6


Step 7:

Write your wishes and click on “Post to Facebook”

At this point, you would need to write whatever you intend to wish the celebrant and when you are done, you click on “Post to Facebook”

Step 7-free card on Facebook


And Voila!, it comes up on your timeline and also your friend’s timeline. It is that simple 😉


Free birthday card for Facebook users


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    • damilola says:

      Hi Connie, it should be readily available once you join Facebook, but if not just go to settings, and then notification and you would find where to turn on or off birthday notifications.

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