Birthday Cake Messages

birthday cake messages

Unique Birthday Greetings

Okay, so you want to get a birthday cake for that special person ? We think the usual Happy Birthday {inserts celebrant’s name} is old school & should be dead and gone already.

We did some research and we were able to come up with some unique birthday message greetings which are different from the usual norm. We would categorize based on individuals.

Romantic Birthday Greetings

  1. HBD My Better Half
  2. HBD 2 D girl/man of my dreams
  3. HBD my MarshMallow
  4. You’re sweeter than frosting
  5. {Age} years old, still slaying
  6. Aging but still Glowing
  7. {Age} & Sexy
  8. Cake is Sweet, Frosting is Sweeter, You are the Sweetest

General Birthday Greetings

  1. Oh $H!T, you older
  2. Look who’s {Age}
  3. Glowing at {Age}
  4. {Age} years of Awesomeness
  5. You’re never too old for cake
  6. I didn’t tell anyone you’re {age}, the cake did.
  7. Holy @#$%!

      You’re [Age]!

  1. {Age} years old

       Still Awesome

  9. You Rock

10. Stay Awesome

For Older People

  1. Golden 60

  1. You’re never too Old for cake
  2. What a Century
  3. Aging but still Glowing


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