Baking a Cake


Baking a cake; A great deal of effort and creativity

How often do you bake?

Are you very confident of being an excellent baker?

If your answer is a big YES, then, you’ll agree with me that it takes adequate effort and creativity to produce cakes. The truth is, there are so many avenues for creativity in the cake world. Once you are innovative, you are good to go.

It can be said that cakes have inestimable value, as they have become an integral part of life, since our special gatherings like our traditional Nigerian weddings, birthdays, etc are not complete without them. You know an Owambe in Lagos is incomplete without them. Cakes are like music, they come in different designs to suit any kind of celebration and they are used to express our innermost feelings and emotions. As such, in decorating or designing the appropriate cake for an occasion, creativity needs to be in play.

A baker must be sure to make a cake design which best suits the occasion that it is intended for. For instance, a teddy bear cake will be much more suitable for birthday or anniversary compared to house dedication, for which a cake shaped in form of a house with ribbon tied/ wrapped around it will be cool.  A fondant cake would look good. For a convocation or graduation , a baker can decide to make a cake designed in form of a book with a big pen or a graduation cap. To celebrate an anniversary on the other hand, you can have a heart-shaped golden wedding anniversary cake or a red velvet ruby cake.

When it comes to personalised / customised cakes, bakers will have to adjust to the picture given them or better still, they will have to produce the exact design given them. One trick is to always make something better than the sample cake picture given to you. Most times, bakers are prone to insults especially when the need of the customer is not being met appropriately. Sometimes, what is expected of the baker by the customer may fall short. As such, the customer would see the baker as unprofessional. Sometimes, a baker would design a cake for a customer only for the customer to show up and say that it isn’t what he/she ordered. But, that notwithstanding, some customers will have their ordered cake designs altered by the baker due to certain reasons best known to him/her and in the long run, the new design will be really appreciated by the customer.

These and much more are the challenges facing bakers all in the name of creating something distinct from the usual cake design we know. No wonder cakes are used to celebrate the conclusion and beginning of a great achievement made by humans. This is because the extreme effort /creativity employed by a baker is seen to complement that which is used in reaching /attaining a position or achievement.

When baking a cake, you have to be extremely conscious of the measurements of your ingredients because the slightest increase or decrease in one of the ingredients could have a disastrous effect on the cake. is the no one Nigerian online cake shopping mall with passionate, creative and enthusiastic bakers who will provide you with the most suitable design for that occasion of yours. Our bakers are up to the task!

The following are cakes that depict high level of creativity:

  • Snake cake
  • Octopus cake
  • Human cake
  • Panda cake
  • Mirror marble cake

Here are some tips for you to be an outstanding baker

  • Be creative
  • Promote your work: Creativity is the key to effective advertising. You should flaunt your work through various platforms as this will attract potential customers
  • Never stop learning: Strife to be innovative. Get familiar with new designs
  • Don’t be overconfident: Over confidence brings nothing put disappointment and stagnancy.
  • Be dynamic: Be open to new ideas.  Don’t be static; be familiar with the latest trend in the cake industry.

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