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Find Feedbacks from some of our Past Clients below. We currently deliver cakes in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Ibadan.

You guys are indeed fab! You were able to deliver the cake despite the fact that i ordered around 11pm from the UK,and you kept me informed whilst the cake was in transit. My mom so much loved the cake. Thanks

Adebowale Adebiyi - Deputy Chair, Trustee and Director at Coventry University Student's Union Limited

Entrepreneurs like me are always busy, infact I forgot to get a cake for my birthday on my birthday. I came to at noon, they delivered my birthday cake before evening. That was exceptionally awesome and I won't ever forget that!

Ahmad Mukoshy - CTO

I usually buy a cake from WaraCake every month for my company's member networking event. For 10k, I can throw a nice party and feed 50 people with really good cake. It's always a fun time and WaraCake delivers right on time.

Mo Ekujumi - Operations Manager Idea Nigeria

Quality, affordability, ease, good taste, variety options and ultimately customer satisfaction, for anything CAKE, for me, it's WARACAKE!

Elizabeth Oludoyin Onatade - Legal Practitioner at Babalakin and Co. (Legal Practitioners), Abuja is a unique innovation in the online market. They have been able to remove the stress of having to go place order for cakes and having them delivered to my loved ones. Its simply amazing! I didn't have to worry about traffic or ruining the cake. They took care of everything.

Oduyemi Yetunde - Legal Practitioner at Adedeji & Owotomo LLP, Lagos

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Resources go a long way in determining the end result of something. The quality of resources used defines the end product. It’s just like using a bad ladle to stir the yam flour mixture while preparing the African dish ‘Amala’, the end product will definitely have loads of lumps; the same thing goes for cakes. […]

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  If you have ever attended a Nigerian wedding maybe a birthday party in Lagos, a traditional wedding in Abuja, or you have patronized us and partaken of our cakes at WaraCake, then you must have noticed that there is a spectacular glow that goes with our cakes especially our traditional wedding cakes. This is […]


Let’s Bake a Cake

How often do you bake? Do you think you are an excellent baker? If your answer is affirmative, then, you’ll agree with me that it takes adequate effort and creativity to produce cakes. The truth is, there are so many avenues for creativity in the cake world. Once you are innovative, you are good to […]

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